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Let's design a brand and website for Winston, a privacy-focused hardware startup.

Take back your privacy

Winston is a hardware device that completely anonymizes your online activity and geolocation, masking you from any unwanted data collection and advertising.

The Winston team approached MINIMAL with a simple working prototype, and my role was to communicate their mission through branding, communication, web design, and collateral.


The logo is meant to resemble the black bars found in redacted government documents, rotated at a slight 2° angle to play up the imprecise nature of the hand and marker. The Winston name (inspired by the protagonist in George Orwell's 1984) is the only thing that gets through the redaction.

The Winston badge is used as an alternative to the full logo in situations where space is at a premium, but there is also an accompanying system text label displaying the Winston name, like an app icon or social media avatar.