Magnaframe unique picture frame system that utilizes super strong magnets that allow you to click and position the frames in any orientation or arrangement, allowing you to curate your very own photo gallery wish ease.

Magnaframe is a wonderful example of the things that MINIMAL excels at: taking a client's simple, fresh idea and fully develop a brand, identity, fully engineered product, and packaging. My role for Magnaframe involved designing the logo and translating that into a modern VBL for its packaging, as well as working with suppliers in Asia to get it into production. Pick up a set at your local MoMA store!

Magnaframe Logo Magnaframe Brand Book


Magnaframe is all about getting your favorite photos out of your phone and onto the wall where they belong, so when designing the packaging, I knew we needed to make sure the imagery was front-and-center. By wrapping the artwork to the side, we can encourage discovery while reinforcing the modular nature of the product. The bottom edge of the tray is used to announce the brand color in a bold way.

Magnaframe Box Magnaframe Box Magnaframe Box